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Algebraic and Geometric Complexity Theory Reading/Discussion Group

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Next meeting: Tuesday, September 18, 4:00 pm in room 116 (the room is reserved for us). Rafael Oliveira will talk about


  • Kumar, 2018, On top fan-in vs formal degree for depth-3 arithmetic circuits link
  • Efremenko, Garg, Oliveira, Wigderson, 2017, Barriers for Rank Methods in Arithmetic Complexity link
  • Efremenko, Landsberg, Schenck, Weyman, 2016, The method of shifted partial derivatives cannot separate the permanent from the determinant link
  • Oeding, 2016, Border ranks of monomials link
  • Bläser, Ikenmeyer, Jindal, Lysikov, 2018, Generalized Matrix Completion and Algebraic Natural Proofs link

Introductions to the representation theory of the general linear group are for example given here:

  • Fulton's book link
  • Christian's thesis link
  • GCT lecture notes link

Open problems

  • Does the class of p-families of polynomially bounded Waring rank equal the class of p-families of polynomially bounded border Waring rank?
  • Is the Euclidean closure of the class VF of p-families of polynomially bounded formula size contained in VNP?


This site also supports MathJax for LaTeX. For instance, type this

\(\det X = f(\vec x)\). 

to get this: \(\det X = f(\vec x)\).

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