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PGCHD boot camp: reading resources

Crash course on PCP (Irit Dinur and Dana Moshkovitz)
PCP course page (Dinur, Moshkovitz)
Improved approximation algorithms for maximum cut and satisfiability problems using semidefinite programming (Goemans, Williamson)
A parallel repetition theorem (Raz)
Some optimal inapproximability results (Håstad)
Optimal inapproximability results for MAX‐CUT and other 2‐variable CSPs? (Khot, Kindler, Mossel, O'Donnell)
Noise stability of functions with low influences: Invariance and optimality (Mossel, O'Donnell, Oleszkiewicz)
Optimal algorithms and inapproximability results for every CSP? (Raghavendra)
A counterexample to strong parallel repetition (Raz)
Rounding Parallel Repetitions of Unique Games (Barak, Hardt, Haviv, Rao, Regev, Steurer)

Remarks on the discrete cube (Ramon van Handel)
Probability in high dimension (van Handel)
Analysis and geometry of Markov diffusion operators (Bakry, Gentil, Ledoux)
Probabilistic methods in the geometry of Banach spaces (Pisier)
Poincaré type inequalities on the discrete cube and in the CAR algebra (Ben Efraim, Lust-Piquard)
Threshold for monotone symmetric properties through a logarithmic Sobolev inequality (Rossignol)
Edge-isoperimetric inequalities and influences (Falik, Samorodnitsky)
Concentration on the Boolean hypercube via pathwise stochastic analysis (Eldan, Gross)
Rademacher type and Enflo type coincide (Ivanisvili, van Handel, Volberg)
Transcription of Ramon's lectures by Gregory Rosenthal

Sketching high-dimensional data (Jelani Nelson)
Courses on sketching

Statistical physics and computation in high dimension (Florent Krzakala and Lenka Zdeborova)
Statistical physics of inference: Thresholds and algorithms (Zdeborová, Krzakala)
Optimal errors and phase transitions in high-dimensional generalized linear models (Barbier, Krzakala, Macris, Miolane, Zdeborová)
Statistical physics for optimization and learning course page (Zdeborová, Krzakala)
Notes on computational-to-statistical gaps: predictions using statistical physics (Bandeira, Perry, Wein)

Recent progress in high-dimensional learning (Ankur Moitra)
Algorithmic aspects of machine learning (Moitra) – esp. Ch. 3-4 and first half of Ch. 7

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